Assessment visits are planned taking into account the needs of the client and in accordance with the International standards.

The Certification ESQ Cert Ltd

Certification for ESQ Cert Ltd Management Systems is granted to organizations (company, agency or any other organism both private and public) that operate according to relevant standards.

The certificates are valid for three years. After the  grant of the certificate the organization is subjected to regular visits and comprehensive review of the system every three years to ensure its continued compliance with the reference standard.


Le visite di valutazione vengono pianificate tenendo conto delle esigenze del cliente e in accordo agli standard internazionali.

 The certification phases

 - Send Request . The client sends the application with the certification request to ESQ Cert Ltd.

-  Audit on site. The evaluation team develops the activity in the company in two steps:

- Stage 1: Evaluation of documentation and of the state of preparedness of the Organization for the execution of stage 2;

Stage 2: Assessment of the implementation degree of the management system.

Certificate emission. Following the evaluation of conformity of the organization, ESQ Cert Ltd l issues the certificate with resolution by the Certification Committee.