Malta' s strategic location in the heart of the Mediterranean and its closeness to one of the major Internation shipping routes has led to the island becoming a major player in the maritime industry. The island boasts a long maritime tradition, modern facilities and an excellent reputation as a highly regulated country.

Eu membership and strict conformity to International standards on safety and security (OHSAS 18001) are among Malta's benefits as a maritime hub, serving to attract major payers in the industry. The industry is extremely competitive and fast-paced, requiring processes to be correctly defines in order to minimise waste.

Global shipping efficiency depends lagerly on free movement of resources, supported by International Standards business and requires Internation solutions. ISO9001 is one such solution which provides all the advantages on an Internationally recognised Standard of quality management without being too cumbersome to implement. There is also a good selection of specialists in this field who can guide your company through the entire process of getting certified.

ISO9001 ensures that your quality management system has been measured against best practice. With its strong focus on customer satisfaction, ISO 9001 is an excellent tool to continually improve management system and processes. The speciality of ISO9001 is to help your company ensure quality of important processes and services, thereby demostrating that you are committed to quality. It also helps your company focus on customer satisfaction, enhace your reputation and improve performance and productivity.